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Microvascular Network

3D Eye Vascular Network

Photoacoustic Imaging

   Welcome to BOAS Lab at Department of Biophysics, Institute of Quantum Biophysics (IQB), Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU, 성균관대학교)! We are developing novel photoacoustic/optical/ultrasound imaging systems and acoustic-based theranostic platforms and interested in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered digital healthcare. Based on these technologies, we aim to diagnose and treat unresolved diseases by imaging and controlling from cells to in vivo.

  Postdoc/graduates/undergraduates who are interested in our group, please send an email to Dr. Park (byullee [at], 박별리). We are urgently recruiting postdocs and graduates!

   See the Join us tab for detail.

1. Multimodal bioimaging system: Photoacoustic/optical/ultrasound imaging system

2. Acoustic theranostic platforms: Sonoepigenetics for quantum biophysics, mechanosensitive therapeutic, acousto-fluidic diagnostic

3. AI-powered digital healthcare: Medical image analysis and classification, image quality enhancement

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