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Research Interests

1. Novel bioimaging system: Photoacoustic imaging / ultrasound imaging / optical imaging

   We develop bioimaging systems based on basic scientific knowledge and applied engineering of optics and acoustics. These systems enable high-resolution and deep tissue imaging from cells to in vivo. Actively learn and apply hardware and software programming to lead system configuration and image processing.

3D Eye Imaging

3D Ear Vascular Network

Brain Vascular Network

2. Acoustic (ultrasound) theranostic platform: Mechanosensitive therapeutic / acoustofluidic diagnostic

   We are interested in developing of acoustic-based platforms for sonoepigenetics such as mechanosensitive therapeutic (activation of mechanosensitive ion channels by ultrasound force) and acoustofluidic diagnostic (separation of bioparticles). These platforms will provide treatments of cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, health monitoring, medical diagnosis, targeted drug delivery, and personalized medicine. Further, these technologies will play a huge role in understanding and observing quantum biology. This relatively new field of research has many challenges to solve, so we will study together to find the answer. We drive system configurations based on hardware and software programming skills, along with a deep understanding of acoustic nature.

ion channel_me.png

3. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered digital healthcare: Medical imaging-based diagnostic / medical image quality enhancement

   The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in healthcare. AI-powered digital health platforms are one of the most powerful tools to enable this acceleration. We focus on AI-powered medical imaging-based diagnostics and medical image quality enhancement. However, it is not limited to this and expects various ideas from BOAS researchers and cooperation with external researchers.

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